13 Best SSH Clients for Windows (2023 Update)

A list of the best SSH clients for windows with SSH features, screenshots, and pricing.

I have personally tested and reviewed 13 of the best free and paid ssh clients.

PuTTy is still a popular choice but there are several great alternatives worth checking out.

1. MobaXterm


MobaXterm is a tabbed Windows SSH client that simplifies remote computing for personal and professional users. This application allows remote web admins, programmers, and IT professionals to access unsecured remote servers using secure SSH connections.

Among other features, the MobaXterm Windows application enables the secure completion of remote administration tasks, including transferring files and executing commands.

SSH Features

  • Tabbed Unix terminal: Access all necessary network tools, including SSH, telnet, X11, VNC, FTP, and more.
  • SSH gateway (jump proxy): When creating a session using an SSH, RDP, or VNC protocol, choose an SSH gateway to bypass firewalls and connect securely.
  • SSH tunneling: Securely transport data from one port to another through SSH tunneling.
  • X11 server: Display remote applications on your Windows desktop and transfer files through a secure X server.


This SSH client is free for at-home use. The professional edition costs $69 per user, with volume discounts available.

2. SolarPutty


SolarPutty is a free ssh client, created by SolarWinds.

This ssh client for windows has a tabbed modern interface that makes it easy to switch between multiple sessions. The home screen provides a dashboard-style interface and a single click to start a remote session.

SolarPutty has become one of my favorite clients for both ssh and telnet connections. It can also store credentials which is a huge advantage over putty.


  • Manage multiple sessions: The tab interface is a great feature and allows you to switch between connected remote sessions with a single click.
  • Save credentials: Credentials or private keys can be saved for easy login.
  • Multiple protocol support: Solarputty supports SCP, SSH, Telnet, and SFTP protocols
  • Automate Scripts: Run script automatically after authenticating to a remote device


Solarputty is 100% free.

3. Bitvise SSH


Bitvise is a customizable SFTP and Windows SSH client compatible with all Windows versions. Users enjoy remote access to the SSH console for simple SFTP file transfers, port forwarding, and command executions on a Windows desktop.


  • Remote Terminal Shell Access: Connect securely to remote servers over SSH and access data on a workstation without putting the data at risk.
  • Graphical SFTP file transferring: Transfer files securely, manage transfer lists, and access files from an SFTP drive.
  • SSH port forwarding: Create connections using proxies, save port forwarding settings, and use command-line automation to start sessions automatically.
  • SSH jump proxy: Use proxy tunneling that supports HTTP CONNECT, SOCKS4, SOCKS 4A, and SOCKS 5 protocols.
  • FTP-to-SFTP bridge: Translate protocols for a secure FTP-to-SFTP connection.


Users can use Bitvise SSH client for free or purchase a license for $39.95 for more support.

4. Xshell


A dynamic Windows SSH client, Xshell provides a tabbed interface that makes it easy to manage several sessions simultaneously. Xshell supports many protocols, including SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, and more. Users can securely access OpenSSH and ssh.com servers remotely.


  • Remote file manager: Access a list of files from the remote server and upload and download files.
  • Tabbed interface: Manage your tasks with an intuitive interface featuring drag and drop tabs and a convenient tab manager.
  • Quick commands: Set up buttons for the commands you use most often, and easily assign these Quick Command buttons to sessions.
  • Instant tunneling: Instantly add, change, or remove tunneling from a session.
  • Scripting languages: Use the scripting language you prefer: VB, Java, or Python.


Users can try the Xshell SSH client for free and buy perpetual licenses starting at $99. Licenses include maintenance support for one year.

5. Termius


Termius is a macOS, Linux, and Windows SSH client that works on desktops and mobile devices. Designed for engineers, Termius supports SFTP, MOST, TELNET, and SSH clients for secure connections. Reviewers find this software very user-friendly and convenient.


  • Autocomplete suggestions: Get command suggestions as you type based on all the commands you use across servers.
  • SFTP client: Use the integrated SFTP client to quickly download and upload files without worrying about an insecure connection.
  • Touch terminal: Use Termius on iOS and Android devices using a convenient touch terminal.
  • Modern design: Stop using an SSH client that is stuck in the last century. Termius aims to provide software that uses innovative technology and design.


Termius is free for personal use. Several paid plans are available, including a single-user plan for $8.33 per month (paid annually), a teams plan for $14.99 per month (paid annually), and customized enterprise options.

6. ZOC Terminal

zoc terminal

Another highly customizable SSH client is ZOC Terminal. This Windows SSH client and terminal emulator supports many types of communication, emulation, file transfer protocols, and more. Users can configure the software to fit their needs due to a large number of options and the software’s convenient tabbed interface.


  • SSH Security: Keep your data secure with private-key, keyboard-interactive, or password authentication.
  • SSH port forwarding: Seamlessly transfer traffic to the remote server through a secure, encrypted connection.
  • Jump proxy support: Use HTTP, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5 to connect to a server via a proxy host.
  • SSH client protocols: Make secure connections to remote servers via version one and two SSH protocols.
  • SSH-Keep-Alive: Minimize interruptions due to disconnection issues while you work.


Users can access ZOC Terminal by making a one-time license purchase. A single-user license costs $79.99, and site and enterprise licenses are also available. Licenses include updates and support.



SHELLNGN is a web-based Windows SSH client offering users an advanced but user-friendly server management interface. Users can securely transfer files through SSH connections, automate commands, and more.


  • User-friendly file browser: Use a simple, tabbed interface to manage files remotely.
  • File Editor: Use this SSH client’s code editor to edit files quickly, including HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Mobile Device Compatibility: Enjoy mobile features, such as the file editor, command snippets, and SFTP browser.
  • SSH terminal emulator: Connect to remote desktops securely using a powerful SSH terminal emulator with many features, including password authentication.


SHELLNGN offers a 14-day free trial and three main plans:

  1. Cloud Basic: For $3.90 per month, users enjoy basic features via an internet browser.
  2. Cloud Advanced: For $9.90 per month, users enjoy more access to these features.
  3. Pro: Starting at $39 per year (personal use), users enjoy more features using a docker version.

8. mRemoteNG


The next generation of mRemote, a Windows SSH client, mRemoteNG offers a tabbed interface for managing remote connections. Users manage connections, connect securely to remote servers to manage and transfer files, create tunnel servers, and more using an easy-to-use interface.


  • Language availability: Translate the software into your native language. Supported languages include Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Use convenient keyboard shortcuts to simplify your file management tasks more quickly.
  • Online guides: Visit mremoteng.readthedocs.io for handy troubleshooting guides. Learn how to navigate the software’s user interface, make secure connections using various protocols, and much more.
  • SSH Tunneling: Transfer files through SSH tunnels.
  • Many supported protocols: Make secure connections using RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP/HTTPS, and other protocols.


mRemoteNG is an open-source SSH client, so it is entirely free to use for personal and commercial users.

9. SecureCRT


SecureCRT is a Windows SSH client to help programmers and IT professionals streamline tasks and manage sessions. SSH1 and SSH2 protocols allow secure access to remote servers for protected data transfers. The newest version, SecureCRT 9.2, provides users with enhanced SSH2 support by enabling supported algorithms if the Cipher negotiation fails.


  • Credentials manager: Simplify your password management for local devices with this helpful tool. Track passwords that must change frequently and save sessions more easily.
  • Various types of authentication: Set up many types of authentication with this SSH client, including password, public key, Kerberos v5, and keyboard interactive options.
  • SFTP tabs: Instead of putting in your password again, open SFTP tabs using an existing SSH2 session and drag over the files you want to upload or download.


SecureCRT costs one user $99 for one year of updates and $158 for two years. Other plans exist for group purchases.

10. WinSCP


WinSCP is an SSH client that offers secure file management. Users can transfer files between local and remote devices through several protocols, including FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, and more. This Windows SSH client uses public-key and password authentication to secure file transfers and protect users. This software features easy-to-use drag and drop options for easy file transfers.


  • Directory synchronization: Choose between synching your local and remote directories manually or automatically.
  • Two interfaces: Choose between the simple Explorer interface to see the remote folder or the Commander interface to see both the local and remote folders simultaneously.
  • Master password: Protect stored passwords by creating a master password.
  • Interface for many languages: Users can translate WinSCP to their native language if supported. The software currently offers more than 40 languages, including French, German, and Spanish.


Anyone can use WinSCP software for free.

11. SuperPutty


PuTTY is a Windows SSH client software that provides users with connection and terminal emulation capabilities. The standard PuTTY software does not include a tabbed interface, so it can be challenging to use.

That’s where the Windows application SuperPuTTY comes in. SuperPuTTY improves the interface and capabilities of PuTTY for a more user-friendly experience.


  • Secure SSH connections: Use PuTTY for SSH protocols to establish secure connections between client and server.
  • Manage multiple sessions: Use SuperPuTTY’s new tabbed interface for tab management. Open and manage many sessions at one time.
  • Move tabs freely: Manipulate each tab to place that connection wherever you want for the most convenient display for your tasks.
  • Supports many protocols: Make secure connections using many protocols, including SSH, RLogin, Telnet, and RAW.


PuTTY is a free, open-source SSH client and terminal emulator. SuperPuTTY is a free supporting Windows application that makes PuTTY easier to use.

12. PuTTY


PuTTY is still a very popular SSH client for Windows.

This small program is often used to manage routers, switches, and other network devices. It’s commonly used by Network Administrators who need to establish a serial console connection to network devices for initial configuration.

Putty does lack some features that many other SSH clients have such as saving credentials and a tabbed interface.

Key features

  • Multiple protocols: PuTTY supports SSH, telnet, SFTP and rlogn
  • Local connections: Supports connecting via a serial cable
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are supported.
  • Session logging: You can enable session logging to record all activity during a session.


PuTTY is free and open-sourced distributed under the MIT license.

13. Windows Terminal + OpenSSH

windows terminal and open ssh

You can use SSH commands in the windows command line by installing Open SSH. But a better option is to use the new Windows Terminal that was released in 2019.

The new Windows Terminal is a huge upgrade compared to the windows command line. It includes features like tabes, split panes, multiple session types, and the ability to customize settings.

OpenSSH is an ssh client tool for remote logins that use the SSH protocol. It encrypts all traffic between client and server to protect the communication.

The OpenSSH can be installed on Windows 10 and later operating systems.

When using OpenSSH with Windows Terminal you have a modern SSH client with many features that Windows Admins will love.


So what is the best ssh client for Windows?

You can’t go wrong with any of the ssh clients on this list.

My personal favorites are PuTTY, SolarPutty, and Windows Terminal. Yes, I often use multiple ssh clients, it just depends on what I’m working on that day. For example, I will use PuTTY when I need a serial connection for local connectivity and will use SolarPutty when I need a quick connection to a remote device (the saved credentials and dashboard make this so easy).

There are plenty of great ssh clients to choose from. I recommend downloading a few and trying them out on your network.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Which ssh client do you use?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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